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Scout Yard Sale

Date / Hours: The Yard Sale would be held on May 28, 2016. The hours of the event would be from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Location: The grass parking area along Silver Springs Blvd. at the Church.

Plan: We would set up tables in the grass lot along Silver Springs Blvd. and charge $20.00 for a table to anyone who wants to sell items who would be responsible for manning their table. Also, we would solicit donated items to sell at a Scout table.   Additionally we would like to sell snow cones, bake sale items, ice tea and lemonade.

Promotion: We would promote the event by placing a small ad in the newspaper, Ocala4Sale, Facebook, social media, distributing flyers and small signs the day of the event. We would also like to encourage church members to participate through newsletters and announcements.


Facilities: The event would take place outside and we would not need to utilize any church facilities. We have secured a donation of two Port-a-Potties which would be placed in the shaded, paved southeast corner of the lot. Any items brought to the event would be taken away by the persons who brought them and any excess donated items would be taken to Goodwill immediately following the event; the church dumpster will not be used for discarded items. No custodial services will be needed as the Scouts will clean up and ensure that the property is left in great condition.

Supervision: The event would be supervised by scout leaders and parents who would ensure that all Church rules are followed.

If any questions please call (352)361-8875

Scout Hikes 1,300-Mile Florida Trail

Florida Trail

Starting Jan. 3rd, a Scouter in the Northern Star Council of Minnesota will be hiking 1,300 miles from Key West to Pensacola along the Florida Trail. He would love to meet many other Scouting folks along the way. The Florida Trail runs from Dunnellon to Salt Springs on the Cross Florida Greenway, just a few miles south of Ocala. He expects to be hiking through this area about Jan. 27 through 29. Spending a night visiting with Scouts would be a nice change from camping on the trail.

Please see for details about his goals and how Sscouts can get involved. If anyone in Troop 100 would like to walk with him awhile, or pick him off the trail and put him up for the night, please msg, email, or text him.

He hopes to hear back from you and have a chance to share his trek experiences. His progress can be seen on “Knowing I’ll be meeting new people a few days down the trail really makes a long trek more enjoyable. If you have any specific questions about my trek, please ask.”

Lumberjack Competition

At the lumberjack competition on October 3rd, Troop 100 and Troop 112 competed in various things such as rifle shooting, shotgun shooting, sawing wood, tug of war, chopping wood, as well as pancake eating, and a Dutch oven cook off. We also camped and played man hunt and had a good time.

Gainesville Rock Gym

Three scouts and two scout leaders went to the Gainesville Rock Gym on Saturday, September 26. We climbed several obstacles, some harder than others. We all had fun and were really tired at the end.

Juniper Creek Canoe Trip

On August 22, three Scouts and 4 adults went canoeing on Juniper Springs.  The canoeing was tiring but it was worth it. The creek was about 7 miles. The water was mostly clear and started out narrow but eventually started to stretch out. We were surprised that there were no gators. Overall the creek was amazing and we would love to do it again however if went on it again we would probably need more experience in canoeing because we fell over several times. — Report by Jonathan Warren

Boy Scout Troop 100

Boy Scout Troop 100 offers a year-round adventure-based program designed to offer and encourage effective character, citizenship, and fitness training for boys age 11-17.

In addition to camping, Scouts and adult leaders enjoy activities such as rock-climbing and rappelling, canoeing, target-shooting, visits to military bases, and more while accommodating the needs of today’s busy families.

Boy Scout Meetings are held most Monday evenings at 7:00pm at First United Methodist Church in Ocala, Florida.

Troop 100 History

Troop 100 is one of Ocala’s oldest troops, with a long history in Marion County. Over the years we have had numerous scouts achieve the rank of Eagle and our eagle projects have helped local schools, churches and charities.

Scouting Events

Our most recent summers have taken us white-water rafting, climbing, rappelling, and on week-long camps in north Georgia and North Carolina. Our local activities have included caving, kayaking, hiking, fishing, wilderness survival camping, rifle and shotgun shooting events, and much more. Come join us for adventure!

Merit Badges

Merit badges are awards earned by Scouts based on activities within an area of study by completing a list of periodically updated requirements. The purpose of the merit badge program is to allow Scouts to examine subjects to determine if they would like to further pursue them as a career or a vocation.

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