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Scout Hikes 1,300-Mile Florida Trail

Florida Trail

Starting Jan. 3rd, a Scouter in the Northern Star Council of Minnesota will be hiking 1,300 miles from Key West to Pensacola along the Florida Trail. He would love to meet many other Scouting folks along the way. The Florida Trail runs from Dunnellon to Salt Springs on the Cross Florida Greenway, just a few miles south of Ocala. He expects to be hiking through this area about Jan. 27 through 29. Spending a night visiting with Scouts would be a nice change from camping on the trail.

Please see for details about his goals and how Sscouts can get involved. If anyone in Troop 100 would like to walk with him awhile, or pick him off the trail and put him up for the night, please msg, email, or text him.

He hopes to hear back from you and have a chance to share his trek experiences. His progress can be seen on “Knowing I’ll be meeting new people a few days down the trail really makes a long trek more enjoyable. If you have any specific questions about my trek, please ask.”