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Scout Yard Sale

Date / Hours: The Yard Sale would be held on May 28, 2016. The hours of the event would be from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Location: The grass parking area along Silver Springs Blvd. at the Church.

Plan: We would set up tables in the grass lot along Silver Springs Blvd. and charge $20.00 for a table to anyone who wants to sell items who would be responsible for manning their table. Also, we would solicit donated items to sell at a Scout table.   Additionally we would like to sell snow cones, bake sale items, ice tea and lemonade.

Promotion: We would promote the event by placing a small ad in the newspaper, Ocala4Sale, Facebook, social media, distributing flyers and small signs the day of the event. We would also like to encourage church members to participate through newsletters and announcements.


Facilities: The event would take place outside and we would not need to utilize any church facilities. We have secured a donation of two Port-a-Potties which would be placed in the shaded, paved southeast corner of the lot. Any items brought to the event would be taken away by the persons who brought them and any excess donated items would be taken to Goodwill immediately following the event; the church dumpster will not be used for discarded items. No custodial services will be needed as the Scouts will clean up and ensure that the property is left in great condition.

Supervision: The event would be supervised by scout leaders and parents who would ensure that all Church rules are followed.

If any questions please call (352)361-8875

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